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Industrial lighting



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The history of LEDs is our history; it starts in 1981, when the first LEDs, red and green, were already 19 years old; continues in the 90s with the discovery of the blue LED. The blue LED laid the foundations for the development of the white LED and with this we started the lighting path.


The product was created for application, use, installation environment, duration. It makes no sense to use round beam lamps in a rectangular environment …. and the industry is the most difficult and arduous application, a challenge that has satisfied us.


We fail to place the noun of quality in a product with a limited, fragile and polluting life. The fact that it lasts longer is in fact an element of sustainability; quality is above all technology, efficiency and longevity.

switch to LED lighting,improve the quality of your workand the safety of your employees!
invest in cutting-edge technology, you will be rewarded induration and energy savings.

High efficiency in LED lighting

The variables for a conventional LED luminaire are not many. LEDs, at least as far as the best producers in the world are concerned, are more or less all the same, the same can be said for power supplies. So what to do to improve efficiency? The easiest way is to write it in catalogs and that’s it, as many do, reporting efficiencies that often refer only to LEDs, without taking into account the losses due to temperature, lenses, glasses, power supplies which, added together , ranging from 20% for simple appliances, to 30%.

Another solution is to use plastic, low-power LEDs, which are very efficient but have a short life. The third way is to create innovative products, such as LuxLED.